Chute Help, Inc. has manufactured innovative roping chutes, arena accessories and horse training products for the past six years, and continues to be committed to improving and designing high-quality roping chutes and accessories, and bettering the western industry.

Originating in Northern Colorado, Chute Help, Inc. continues to be a family owned and operated company, that currently operates and manufactures in Carbon, Texas.

Chute Help's roping arena products are easily installed, and allow everyone to have a fully automatic roping chute without having to install electricity or an air compression system in their roping arena.

The Chute Help Fully Automatic Roping Chute's (US Patent 7,918,191; Canadian Patent ...) front gate remote-release portion is not what makes it innovative. However, when the front gate closes after the steer exits the roping chute, the rear gate opens automatically. The rear gate of the roping chute then closes behind the steer after it enters. The back gate latch mechanism keeps the steer from backing up in the roping chute. The energy to operate this simple mechanism is created by the animal entering the roping chute and depressing a platform, in the floor, down four inches. Our roping chute is very easy on livestock and requires less manual labor. The Chute Help Fully Automatic Roping Chute can be placed virtually anywhere and still maintain the convenience of a remote release roping chute. This product has been tested for six years and has had thousands of cycles.

Other accessories that make your arena "Chute Help Approved" include straight lead ups with dual alley stops, a 90 degree turn and the Easy Exit Stripping Chute. Chute Help is able to build any arena, custom to the customer's specifications with Chute Help Premium Fencing to accompany the Chute Help Roping Products.

Chute Help also carries a line of horse training products called "Easy Now". These products have become a staple in the roping industry. Approved for competition, the Easy Now Shock Absorber (US Patent D-732,379-S) prevents injuries to the horse and stock alike. It absorbed the impact from both animals for tie-on heelers. The Easy Now line also includes a Quick Release (QR1) that is easily installed to the horn of the heeler's saddle, and is a great accompaniment to the Easy Now Shock Absorber. The Manner Maker Halter is the newest addition to the Easy Now line of products. It uses corrective strips along nerve pressure points on the pole and nose. Each corrective strip contains metal ball bearings that are covered in nylon. The strips are backed with Velcro for removal to reward good behavior and use the Easy Now Manner Maker as a regular halter. You can also connect an Easy Now Shock Absorber to the lead rope and halter to eliminate pulling back

Another line of arena accessories to accompany Chute Help Inc.'s innovative thinking is the "Smart Arena" (Patent Pending) . Combining traditional horse related events and activities and 21st Century Technology, the Smart Arena provides the horseman the ability to video their runs while on horseback with remote start and stop functions.

Chute Help is a proud sponsor of 2 time WNFR Qualifier Marty Yates, 9 time WNFR qualifier Cesar de la Cruz, 13 time WPRA World Champion Jackie Crawford, 2014 All-Around Rookie of the Year Billy Bob Brown, and the newly formed Chute Help Junior Arena Team.

Chute Help's sales effort is always, “If you are not happy with your Chute Help product, your money will be refunded 100% within 30 days.  The best sales force are the people who use our product.”



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