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Game Changer: Online Team Roping Coaching

Online coaching coming to an arena near you.

JOLYN YOUNG | NOV 25, 2019

Imagine having direct, personal access to the top athletes in your sport. They critique your performance, talk to you on the phone and email custom suggestions for continual improvement. While this is still an impossible scenario for most sporting events, it is the current virtual reality for team ropers through online coaching.

To get started, all a person needs is a cell phone. A video clip of a practice run is uploaded to a coaching company’s website, where it is viewed by a pro who offers personalized suggestions for improvement. Some companies offer additional services such as free video storage, memberships to exclusive Facebook groups, podcasts and access to slow-motion videos of the pros’ ideal runs....

...“The online deal really ties in [to traditional clinics]. I have quite a few students that’ll keep in touch through that. They’ll send me updates and let me know how they’re doing afterward. It’s cool to watch the progress, and I can keep up with it when I’m gone rodeoing,” said World Champion and Smart Arena Coach Jeremy Buhler. CONTINUE READING

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