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Jackie Crawford's Corner

When you think of Women in the sport of Rodeo, one of the most prominent names that comes to mind is Jackie Hobbs Crawford. Jackie is a decorated athlete that is now helping lead the charge of Breakaway Roping. Her ability, expertise, confidence and passion make Jackie the perfect face to expand an event that has been around for a long time.

Jackie has been a member of the Chute Help Arena Team for many years, and this year we have been able to provide her with equipment for Team Roping (the Fully Automatic Chute Help), and also the first ever Breakaway Calf Chute. We asked Jackie to give us an insight to her interest in Chute Help, Breakaway and rodeo as a whole.

  1. Why do you choose Chute Help? I have always loved the service of the company, quality of products, and ease of use.

  2. The Chute Help Breakaway Calf Chute is larger than the competitors calf chute. Is that an advantage to be able to keep your breakaway calves longer? Yes, breakaway calves can be as big as you want, being able to keep them longer helps me keep my money together on my calves.

  3. What are the dimension of your calf lane? 90' wide x 280' long

  4. Why do you think Breakaway is important to the sport of rodeo? Breakaway brings another women’s event to the show! It brings more families, which means more entries in all the events. It is also an easy and fast paced event for spectators to watch and follow.

  5. Why do you think that breakaway is coming on so strong in rodeo? I think that there has always been huge numbers, but the opportunity was never given for women to show it. I think the flood gates cracked and the girls really pushed through and showed what they have to offer. It’s a no brainer for committees and producers!

  6. What is a practice tips for improving your time? The score is so important, and how you set the run up. That part is so important to being fast.

  7. Why do you use the return alley for training? When colts are young I like to advance things in a controlled setting. When I first move them to live calves I use the alley to eliminate the left and right the calf takes. This means the less I have to touch and guide them so they can think about the task at hand and just get the feel of things. After they have it down I will move it to the big arena where it is more wide open.

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