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Chute Help Service Tips

The maintenance on your Chute Help Fully Automatic Roping Chute is a simple process. With a few steps, and very little elbow grease, you will be ready to rope!

Here are a few pointers below, then check out the video to see how it's done:

  1. Use a dry lubricant on all pieces of your equipment, NEVER use a heavy, thick grease on any parts. We suggest WD-40 Dry Lube on the top "slider bar", and on the stainless steel rollers on the front top part of your chute.

  2. Make sure that your remotes are in good working shape. If they have been out in the weather, or are over one (1) year old, it is probably time to replace them. The relays inside of the remotes wear out over time, so if the red light is coming on, but it is not actuating all the time, purchase a new remote or two. (The three-button Liftmaster 890 Max remote goes with your dark grey Liftmaster receiver; the one-button remote ONLY works with the light grey chamberlain receiver).

  3. Clean out from underneath the floor, and make sure that the floor is just about touching the square tubing on the bottom.

  4. Test the voltage on your battery with a voltmeter. If it's low, check the solar panel and charge the battery with an everyday battery charger.

  5. Check the electronics and wiring for corrosion, and replace any corroded terminal ends.

  6. Check the solenoid to make sure that the plunger moves freely. If it is seized up, you'll need to get a replacement HERE.

Next, check out this #simplyawesome video!

If you would like to speak with a Service Tech, please call us at 855-248-8343 x2 or GO HERE to submit a Service Form.

Please note that solenoids and remotes do not have a warranty. VIEW OUR FULL EQUIPMENT WARRANTY HERE

How to program a Liftmaster 890Max three-button remote:

  1. Take the four small screws out of the back of the receiver and remove the cover

  2. Make sure the chute is powered “on”

  3. In the receiver, press and release the blue button above the yellow wires. A yellow light will turn on.

  4. With the remote in hand, press and release any one of the three buttons you want to program until the yellow light turns off.

  5. At this point, the remote button is programmed, and can be tested.

  6. A successful test will trigger the solenoid.

  7. Repeat programming steps for each button on each remote.

  8. Replace the cover back onto the receiver, and clip back into place on the chute.



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