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Western and Agriculture Online Move Forward Together

With this strange new world this Spring 2020 during COVID-19, the very unique Western Ranching and Agricultural Industries have shown their strength, solidarity and willingness to adapt with whatever this world is throwing at them.

Online events, online equipment sales, online horse sales, virtual concerts, digital fundraising...this is all new territory for us, but we adapt and change to continue to support each other, all while having a little fun in the process. Change is scary, but it is also a chance to grow and learn. We find a way to lift each other up in an uncertain and often scary time, and this is definitely the most unknown circumstance that this industry has faced in the modern times.

This week, the Cowboy Channel is hosting an online Breakaway competition. This weekend, Billy Bob's Texas is hosting another virtual concert to support the Texas FFA Foundation. Online platforms, like Smart Arena, give us the ability to connect with coaches virtually from our own arenas. We are all partnering together to show this world that us "Western" folk are ready to take on anything, no matter how strong the current is. Farmers are still farming, and we are showing support by promoting, fundraising and purchasing their goods.

The team ropers and breakaway ropers have the opportunity to practice, improve and play in their own arenas! Luckily, at Chute Help, we have been able to continue to provide equipment to feed these ropers, far and wide. Our Retailers have our support, and they are supporting our business in a huge way as well by stocking up on equipment and caring for their employees.

What is this world, and how are we adapting? It is a world full of challenges, and we are adapting because we have to and we are strong enough to. We can do this all together. We can ONLY do this all together.

It is darkest before the dawn, and we have always seen the light at the end of the tunnel. Let's go toward that light together.



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