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The Chute Help Fully Automatic Breakaway Calf Chute is an innovative way to make roping simple.  It features a mechanism which requires no electricity or compressed air, has a self-loading ability and is operated by a simple one button remote or by hand.  The Chute Help Breakaway Calf Chute is low maintenance, with easy cleanout and saves time and installation costs – set it down and rope!  The solar panel installed on each Fully Automatic Chute Help Breakaway calf Chute helps extend the life of the 12v battery. Custom powder coating available upon request for any color besides green for an additional charge. Lead time varies. 


Pricing does not include freight or taxes.  Pricing does not include freight. Freight (if needed) will be quoted after you order and be due before shipping.


For the best pricing, please contact your local Chute Help Reatiler:

Chute Help Fully Automatic Breakaway Calf Chute

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