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The CH Deckover Trailer is designed to haul any load you need. The heavy 14lb I-Beam frame and neck comes standard in each trailer, but 19lb x 12” I-Beam is used in all larger axle deckover trailers so strength and stability aren’t sacrificed on heavier loads. There are a wide range of options to upgrade any trailer to fit customized jobs. Heavier axels, sliding ratchets, mega ramps and more are available! Each trailer also features a 4” torsion tube down the middle to mediate flex in the frame of the trailer while hauling. You’ll never forget a tool again with the mega tool box that comes standard on each CH Deckover Trailer. Whether you haul equipment across the country, or materials to different construction sites the CH Deckover Trailer is built to get the job done!

Flatbed Gooseneck Trailer

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