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    Made in Texas, Chute Help continues to improve and design new roping arena accessories that will improve facility efficiency and operation.

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    Chute Help’s automatic roping chute products are easily installed and do not require electricity or air an compression system in the roping arena.

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My Family has been roping for four generations, so we have seen our fair share of roping chutes. Some good and some you would bet money would never open. This chute is without a doubt the best I have been around. We live on a ranch in the middle of nowhere and our arena is a half mile further away from nowhere. We ran hundreds of steers through it last year with no electricity, air compressors, or annoying generators. All this chute takes is a car battery, and I didn’t have to charge all summer. The other great thing about this chute is with the push of 1 Button the front gate opens letting the steer out. Then without ever doing another thing the front gate shuts on its own while the tail gate simultaneously opens to let another steer in, and then shuts behind it. With only the push of 1 button. I have no idea how it works but it does. Tom you are a genius! With all those moving parts I never thought it would hold but it did and we used it hard. We have 25 head of practice steers that we run through at least 2 times a night. We usually have 3 to 5 guys that rope at least 5 nights a week. So in just three months we ran roughly 3,000 steers and all we did was clean floor out about once a month. I could keep going but I won’t. The only bad thing is Tom didn’t come up with it 30 years ago when I was the chute help.
– Use the chute anywhere – Casey Tillard
We move the chute forward for World series roping practice and back to regular score practice.with zero problem. The chute not having to be staked down or tied to the lead in alley way makes it nice.
– Easy Setup – Jo Hughes
My wife and I truly think that the chute is such an improvement to anything we have ever had and at a price much less than other automatics thanks for Chute Help.
– Bob S – Nazareth, Texas
In the last several hundred runs on the Chute Help, we have not had one time where there was a steer ever got in the front with the first steer, The back gates automatically cut off the second steer off before he can get in the front with the first steer. If we had electricity and air at the arena we would still choose the Chute Help.
– Tim Tillard – Douglas, Wyoming
My feelings are the same as my dad, brother, cousins, uncle. and dad, we have three Chute Help chutes at three different ranches and have no problems.
– TK Tillard
At the ranch we rope a lot, there are three of us who use the chute and it has been so trouble free and so much fun since we don’t have to bring the noisy troublesome generator and compressor trailer mounted unit to the arena which is a long way from civilization.
– Ty Tillard – Douglas, Wyoming

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