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rodeo, roping and cattle equipment

Chute Help's roping arena products are easily installed, and allow everyone to have a fully automatic roping chute without having to install electricity or an air compression system in their roping arena.

Our Products

The crown jewel of Chute Help is the Fully Automatic Roping Chute (US Patent & Canadian Utility Patented), which is the best team roping chute on the market, and  can be placed virtually anywhere and still maintain the convenience of a remote release roping chute. This product has been tested for over a decade and has had thousands of cycles. Other accessories that make your arena "Chute Help Approved" include lead ups with dual alley stops, a 90 degree turn, piloting adjustable roping boxes and the Easy Exit Stripping Chute. Chute Help is able to build any arena, custom to the customer's specifications to accompany the Chute Help Roping Products.

Our Products
Fully Automatic Roping Chute

Cattle Team Roping Chute No Electricity or Compressed Air Required Self-Loading Ability Operated by a Simple Three Button Remote or by hand. Low Maintenance, Saves Time and Installation Costs, Solar Panel Helps Extend the Life of the 12v Battery and Easy Clean Out.

Pivoting Adjustable Roping Boxes

Chute Help Adjustable Pivoting Roping boxes complete any arena in style. Easy to maneuver, good looking and functional, these boxes are a fast favorite for arenas around the country.

Easy Exit Stripping Chute

After entering up the lead up ramp and thru the steer guides, the animal can be released through the front exit gate. After the steer steps off, the roper can then close the exit gate, ready for the next steer or calf.  

Lead Ups with Dual Alley Stops

Chute Help's lead ups are all equipped with dual alley stops, making sorting and loading simple. The dual alley stops make the steer's transition from one section to the next smooth and steady.

Open Sweep Roping Cattle Tub

The Chute Help Open Sweep is great for crowding cattle into the lead up system to the chute. Chute Help's design allows the cowboy the ability to safely and quickly move the cattle.  10' radius.

No Stop 90

The No Stop 90 guides steers and calves and allows them to change directions without seeing an endpoint. There is a larger space between the top and second rail to allow the roper to easily horn wrap the steers.

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