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Chet Weitz

Team Roping Header & Heeler | Calf Roper

Why do you choose Chute Help Products?

Chute Help is reliable and the best chute on the market. Chute Help isn’t only a great chute making company, but a great company that always has your back and believes in you.

How long have you been using Chute Help Products?

10 years

What are the dimension of your arena?

150' x 280'

Why do you think Team Roping is important to the sport of rodeo?

Team roping is a great sport in rodeo because it requires a lot of team work. Team roping isn’t only about you, it’s about you and your partner. A bond that is created between you and your partner is bond that creates a strong friendship. When you are preparing for a

rodeo you have to prepare so you don’t let you or your partner down. Team roping motivates me to be so prepared so that I don’t let my partner down.

What are some practice tips you use for improvement?

I always like roping slower cattle so that way when you go to the rodeo and draw the good steer you and your horses aren’t chomping at the bit and cause you to mess up.

Tell us a little more about your motivation, what associations you compete in, awards you have won and what your future looks like in the sport of rodeo.

What motivates me in the sport of rodeo is to be the best person in and out of the arena as you can. People will remember how good you roped but they will also remember your attitude and how you acted in certain situations. I want to be the best roper of course but

what matters most to me is the way I treat people and how I handle situations.

I compete in the CPRA, UPRA, PRCA and NIRA. I have won state in the team roping, and qualified two times to nationals in the calf roping in the state of Texas. I have won the all around, calf roping, and second in the team roping my freshman year in the southwest region.

I look to further my rodeo career by winning Resistol Rookie of the Year in the Calf Roping, Team Roping and All Around when I decide to buy my card. Hopefully I will add along a few gold buckles in each event as well.



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