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Brock Hanson

Team Roping Header & Heeler

Why do you choose Chute Help Products?

Chute help products are made with the highest quality, they offer all the equipment I need to be able to rope and work towards accomplishing my goals in the arena and they are made in the USA.

How long have you been using Chute Help Products?

I have been using chute help since March of 2013

What are the dimension of your arena?

300' x 185'

Why do you think roping is important to the sport of rodeo?

Team roping is important because it’s maybe the only event that an entire family can do. It’s also one of they few events that can stand alone without rodeos and you can love and enjoy team roping without having to go compete. People just love to rope.

What are some practice tips you use for improvement?

Horsemanship is probably what I have been trying to work on the most lately. Horsemanship relates to position and overall control of your horse. The better your horses are the easier it makes roping.

Tell us a little more about your motivation, what associations you compete in, awards you have won and what your future looks like in the sport of rodeo.

I’m pretty self motivated about roping because it’s all I have ever wanted to do. The passion or desire to get better and improve hasn’t ever left me. Getting better seems like a never ending challenge and sometimes learning or trying new things creates a little bit of a struggle so I feel like I’m getting worse instead of better. I understand it’s part of the process but that always keeps me motivated and wanting to improve.

It looks like rodeos are coming back strong this year after a tricky year with everything that happened last year so I’m looking forward to being able to compete and excited to see what the future holds.


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